Amedeo Tormene, grandfather of Alvise and Filippo, is running a non ferrous metal foundry in Padova (Northern Italy).

1920 - 1940

During the mid ’30 natural gas was discovered in a location 50 kilometres south of Padua, manufacturing of first gas valves started.

1950 - 1960

New factory was built in Padua.
New companies were set up in Argentina and France to develop their market.
Piloted pressure regulators were introduced, in those days it was a major technological breakthrough compared to the conventional Direct Action Regulators.

1970 - 1990

While continuing in the manufacturing of gas equipment, new lines of products were added, in particular ball valves.

1990 - 2001

In 1996 TORMENE AMERICANA SA was established in Argentina to develop the Latin American markets.