Instrumentation and Control

Tormene Group Projects and designs each team and plant controls. Perform specific engineering, including integration with instrumentation and control systems SCADA


  • Design of process equipment.
  • Mechanical Design.
  • Valve Design.
  • Sizing of pipes.
  • Local Panel HMI, PLC, RTU.
  • Automatic control.
  • Communications network.
  • Telesupervision, SCADA system.

The 6 product macro-areas of Tormene Group

Post-well range, filters, liquid and dust
separators and relevant by-products

  • Two and three phase separators
  • Cyclone filters separator

Range of filters and pre-heating equipment

  • Liquid and dust separators
    Cartridge filters
    Cyclone filters
    Coalescent filters
    Heat exchangers
    Indirect water bath heaters

Range of pressure regulators

  • Gas pressure regulators and SSV TA-956
  • Gas pressure regulators and SSV TA-957
  • Gas pressure regulators and SSV TA-950
  • Gas pressure regulators and SSV TA-992
  • Industrial and instrumentation gas pressure regulators
  • Safet blow down valves SBV 05 / 04 / 03
  • Piloted pressure relief valves TA-956 PPRV

Range of ball valves to use in stations and safety valves

  • Floating ball valves
  • Trunnion mounted ball valves
  • Automated ball valves

Automation and remote control systems
and relevant by-products

  • Local Panel HMI, PLC, RTU
  • Automatic control
  • Communications network
  • Supervisory, SCADA system
  • Smart grid system for new applications